ANCHORAGE HILLS: Nigeria’s Home of Smart Living

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ANCHORAGE HILLS: Nigeria’s Home of Smart Living

Meet ANCHORAGE HILLS, Asokoro, Nigeria’s New Architectural Masterpiece where architecture combines with IT to birth a masterpiece and fully automated Smart home.

Situated in Asokoro, the Heart of Abuja, ‘Anchorage Hills‘ are 2 units of premium 5-bedroom semi-detached smart homes.

Designed on two suspended floors, they offer optimal spaces for mid-large sized families through a combination of quality and comfort.

Crafted with your comfort in mind, Anchorage Hills also provide sustainable living spaces with SMART home features that reflect state-of-the-art architecture.

This masterpiece offers a home lavished with a premium level of comfort, a view of vibrant sunset and nature’s bliss to make your living experience phenomenal.

Property Details & Floor Plans

This is a 5 Bedroom semi detached smart building with 1 bedroom attached BQ

Anchorage Hills, Asokoro by Ora Egbunike & Associates - Ground floor plan
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Visitors Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Store
  • Boys Quarters
  • Bath/Toilet
Anchorage Hills, Asokoro by Ora Egbunike & Associates first floor plan
  • Family lounge
  • Walk-in closet
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bath/toilet
  • Bath/toilet
  • Balcony
Anchorage Hills, Asokoro by Ora Egbunike & Associates - second floor plan
  • Master bedroom
  • Lobby
  • Bedroom 4
  • Bath/toilet
  • Bedroom 3
  • Bath/toilet
  • Walk-in closet
  • Bath/toilet

Property Features

Anchorage Hills, Asokoro by Ora Egbunike & Associates - home automation

This installation integrates the control of the lighting, AC and Media and includes:

  • One luxury touch panel in the living room
  • Secondary lights switches would be contemporary or tempered glass luxury smart switches
  • Integrated smart remotes to control AC, TV.
  • Motion sensored lights in the guest toilet.
  • Integrated smoke alarm system.
  • Ante room integration.
  • Tempered glass in-wall sockets with two USBs
  • Integrated Smart light’ switches
  • Integrated water heater controls
  • Integrated smart remotes to control AC and TV
  • Tempered glass in-wall sockets with two USB
  • 4 inch Touch screen control to control everything in the master bedroom and other integrated rooms
  • Integrated intercom system.
  • Any Lamp or plugged in devices would be integrated into the system
  • Motion sensor to control indirect lighting in the walk in closet
  • Motion sensor to control Indirect lighting in the master bedroom bathroom

Please Click here to see full property features.

2. Touch Screen System

The beautiful touch screen control not only compliment your decor, it is packed with functions such as:

  • Controls AC, Tv and other media players.
  • Shows the time, weather, Indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • Can work as an intercom.
  • Scenes (scenes are multiple commands carried out by pressing one button eg Teave home scene” -turns off all the lights, ACs and TVs in your home)

3. Automated Curtains, Sound System, and WiFi Optimization

Anchorage Hills, Asokoro by Ora Egbunike & Associates - Automated Curtains & Sound system

This project would be prewired for powered automated shadings that would be easily integrated into the smart home system. In liaison with the resident electrician, all windows would be prewired for automated shading.

WiFi Optimization & Distribution

As we become more dependent on the internet, it is paramount that a modern home has a robust and well distributed Wi-Fi network to eliminate any dead spot in the home. On this project, four access points would be pre-wired as follows:

  • Living room
  • Family lounge
  • Master bedroom

Camera CCTV System

Anchorage Hills Asokoro by Ora Egbunike & Associates camera and cctv systems

This project would be wired for a nine camera system, the camera cables would be placed as follows;
Six outdoor camera to cover the perimeter of the home Indoor cameras would be installed as follows:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • First landing

Location Details

Anchorage Hills, Asokoro by Ora Egbunike & Associates - Entrance Gate

Asokoro, Abuja

3 minutes from Aso Villa, 5 minutes from Eagle Square, and 2 minutes from Niger Barracks, Asokoro is at the heart of Nigeria’s seat of power.


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